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Congress for the New Urbanism

The Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) is the nation’s most innovative and influential organization promoting the building and revitalization of great urban places. We are a multi-disciplinary organization comprised of architects, urban planners, developers, investors, engineers, academics, elected and career governmental officials, and citizen advocates. We work within and outside of our professions to further the organization’s mission.

CNU Florida

CNU Florida, a charitable 501(c)(3) corporation, is CNU’s oldest chapter. We operate through a statewide board of directors and other dedicated volunteers.  Due to the size of our State, we organized regional groups including in Orlando, Tampa Bay, the Palm Beaches, Tallahassee, and Miami.  We aim to make Florida more beautiful, economically vibrant, environmentally sustainable, and healthier for all its citizens and visitors.

Your donation will help us achieve our mission. 

We'll be able to:

  • Host events around the state to engage and inform professionals on how to build places people love
  • Share information and best practices on walkable urbanism
  • Work to prepare our communities to adapt to a changing world
  • Ensure that the benefits of good urbanism are available to all through our work on equity and inclusion
  • Fund an endowment for the long-term sustainability of CNU Florida


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