CNU Orlando

CNU Orlando has stood at the forefront of efforts to make our metro area safer and more pleasant for people on foot and bicycles. 

Home to the first serious large-scale corporate venture into the New Urbanism, CNU Orlando members helped Disney plan the Town of Celebration and design its architectural attributes.

When the United States Navy decided to shut-down its training base in the late 1990s, CNU Orlando members both inside and outside of local government helped to transform the base into the picturesque neighborhood of Baldwin Park (pictured), one of the best examples of the New Urbanism built close to a metro core. 

CNU members have been instrumental in reinvigorating Winter Park’s Park Avenue and Hannibal Square business districts.  CNU members helped to persuade Winter Park to build one of the region’s first cycle tracks (on Cady Way), and its second road diet (on Denning Drive).  CNU Orlando has promoted more walkable schools, persuading the Orange County Commission to once again allow high schools in neighborhoods, to make walking and biking to school a real option. 

CNU Orlando’s Craig Ustler is leading the way with immense investment in the city’s urban core, from the rejuvenation of Thornton Park district, Orlando’s North Quarter, Advent’s Health Village, and serving as master developer of the Creative Village (combining urbanism with the University of Central Florida’s campus downtown).

Throughout each year, we host multiple educational and social events, so be sure to follow us on social media and stay tuned!


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