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The Miami region is a diverse international gateway where we are building a coalition to transform South Florida into communities that strengthen our connections to each other, the natural environment, our history, cultures and vision for a more prosperous integrated approach to building cities at every level. The Charter of the New Urbanism lays the groundwork for our advocacy efforts. Locally we intend to strengthen our cities, neighborhoods and blocks through education, advocacy, collaboration and implementation of individual projects that exemplify our ideals. We advocate for unique places of all sizes to be financially strong and resilient.

The Miami region is leading Florida towards environmental, transit, and affordability solutions through Smart Growth principles. We hope you will join us in promoting efficient infill TODs, ADUs, Missing Middle, and interconnected transit to lift everyone regionally. Stay in touch for projects, events, webinars, educational events and local meetups.

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CNU+Miami Goals

  • Improved regional transit system with associated community redevelopment
  • Missing Middle housing
  • Expanded community collaboration with other not-for-profits
  • Mentoring local college and university students to supplement their educational experience
  • Creating regional forums to educate the public on charter principles for Smart Growth

Throughout each year, we host educational and social events, so be sure to follow us on social media and stay tuned!


For more information about CNU Miami or to learn how to join, please contact [email protected]

The Transect and Sprawl Repair

The Miami chapter has always been leading the new urbanism efforts and implementing complex ideas internationally, nationally, statewide, regionally, and locally. The transect is a method for categorizing urban neighborhoods and designs to the surrounding context of development. Sprawl Repair is a key ingredient to connecting people across the region and providing additional housing units for the future.

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Tactical Urbanism, Safe Streets

Small changes can make big results. We believe that local control is the best way for people to take action and we are looking for ways to lead by example. Local members have led the movement to empower everyday citizens to take actions. ( Safe Streets ( Local Conversations (

People for Bikes



The Congress of New Urbanism offers FREE membership to all students with valid active tuition. Learn more:

University of Miami- School of Architecture (Urban Design and Real Estate Development)

Florida International University School of Architecture (Miami Beach Urban Studios)

Nova Southeastern University (Business and Real Estate)