About CNU Chapters

About CNU Chapters

From the CNU.org website

Chapters bring CNU’s message home at the regional, state, and multi-state levels. They will provide new ways to take part in the movement. And they will enhance public and professional education and networking. What chapters can do for you:

  • Help you meet colleagues
  • Share information about policies, resources, and best practices in the region
  • Teach the public in your area about New Urbanism, broadening the movement’s support base
  • Like CNU’s annual Congresses, provide in-depth education — close to home
  • Help you and other people in your region influence the movement’s priorities

Chapters go through three phases to become full-fledged organizations. They start out as Organizing Committees, which have no dues and mostly try to garner regional support. Once they have enough members and financial stability, they become Provisional Chapters. Provisional Chapters can charge dues, hire staff, and start to behave like full, independent organizations. Once they have incorporated and gotten nonprofit status, they become full Chapters.

A CNU chapter is an independent nonprofit corporations with its own members, dues, and activities. It has an independent board of directors. It can hire staff, host events, contract for services, and work with volunteers. It is allowed to use CNU’s brand identity — such as logos, colors, and name — in return for helping to recruit and raise money for CNU.

We are excited about the mutual support that regional chapters and the international CNU can give one another. At last, CNU will have a consistent local voice to translate the Charter for local audiences, bring in speakers and other events, and gather together our supporters for mutual benefit.

For information on how to become a chapter, download the Draft Chapters Handbook (pdf, 128 kb).