Touring Central Florida's Best Urban Environments with Rick Cole

I was honored to show Rick Cole, executive director of the Congress for the New Urbanism, some of Central Florida’s best urban environments—perhaps some of the best you’ll find anywhere.

I would like to extend my appreciation to Winter Park Mayor Phil Anderson, Rollins College Professor of Environmental Studies Bruce Stephenson, and Winter Garden Community Development Director Steve Pash for helping to lead our tours. Thanks, too, to Trevor Fraser, and the Orlando Sentinel for the front page story. 

Orlando Sentinel article by Trevor Fraser


On Park Avenue, bricked and improved in the 1990s. The City implemented recommendations of New Urban planner Victor Dover, down to the design of the traffic light and pole. Looks like it’s been this way forever. (Photo by Ricardo Ramirez, the Orlando Sentinel)

According to the Dover Kohl website: “Sidewalks were widened for retailing and outdoor dining, vehicular travel lanes were narrowed, and a prescription was provided for the design of main street buildings and civic buildings based on enduring principles of traditional civic art.” 


Rick Cole at Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida, ranked among the most beautiful college campuses in America. (Photo by Ricardo Ramirez, the Orlando Sentinel)


Rick Cole with Winter Garden Community Development Director Steve Pash, in Downtown Winter Garden. The West Orange Bike Trail, part of the Coast-to-Coast Connector, goes through the gazebo and played a catalyzing role in Winter Garden’s renaissance.


L to R: Rick Cole, Executive Director of the Congress for the New Urbanism, Tory Parish, architect of the City of Charleston, SC and a Winter Garden resident, and Steve Pash, Community Development Director of the City of Winter Garden, Florida.


Trevor Fraser, business and real estate reporter for the Orlando Sentinel, interviewing Rick Cole, CNU executive director, on our walking tour of Baldwin Park. Behind them is one of many “live-work units,” where people can live above their ground-floor businesses.


Bruce Stephenson and Rick Cole on New Broad Street, Baldwin Park.


Trevor, Rick C., and Bruce, in Baldwin Park


CNU Orlando leadership group. After our dinner at the Alfond Inn, Winter Park