City of Groveland Adopts Form-Based Code, Becomes the New Frontier for New Urbanism in Central Florida

April 1, 2021

With the adoption of a new Form-Based Code, the City of Groveland pivots all future development in the direction of smart and sustainable growth.

The City of Groveland adopted a new Form-Based Community Development Code on October 5, 2020, solidifying a vision of smart and sustainable growth and providing a new frontier for New Urbanism in central Florida.

The newly adopted Future Land Use Element and Community Development Code is the City's first steps toward creating policies and plans that incentivize quality, traditional town development while highlighting Groveland’s existing natural and agrarian charm.
The City’s Community Development Director Tim Maslow adds, “Our goal is for Groveland to become an oasis for the best planners, developers, and builders in the country. Instead of just talking about new concepts and ideas at conferences such as ‘Missing Middle Housing’, ‘New Urbanism’ or ‘Agrarian Urbanism’ – people will actually be able to experience them in Groveland. As a result, we aim to see enhanced quality of life for residents and increased economic opportunity for new and existing small businesses. Groveland is positioned to be the new frontier for people that want to create cutting edge, thriving and inclusive communities that will stand the test of time.”
In conjunction with the City’s updated Future Land Use Element, which conserves more than 50% of natural land within about 53 square miles, the Community Development Code features the new Future Land Use designations and community types of Towns, Villages, and Hamlets.  Each Community Type features a minimum Open Space percentage requirement: 15%, 30%, and 50% for Town, Village, and Hamlet, respectively. Similarly, there is a series of permitted “Open Space Types” for each Community Type.

The Open Space requirements for the Open Space Types ensure that small park-like spaces are incorporated into all new developments. Aside from the Open Space requirements, developments will include shade trees, on-street parking, wide sidewalks and active building frontages to enhance the pedestrian experience. Prioritizing pedestrians and bicyclists, the new standards outlined for thoroughfares will create more complete streets for all users.

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