City of Delray Beach Town Hall Lecture Series

The City of Delray Beach presents a public education lecture series for residents and visitors of the region. The series is intended to focus on town planning, urban design, historic preservation, and the changing demographic and market trends that will affect and influence the long-term health and redevelopment of cities. The emphasis will be on identifying the role and importance of cities in forming great civilized societies, any trends signaling that this century will be a renaissance period for cities, and what cities and towns should be doing to make sure they do not get left behind.

This public education lecture series will showcase six distinguished speakers. The series is scheduled from December 2013 through May 2014.

Topic: A Century for Cities – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Andrés Duany, DPZ, Architects and Planners
December 2, 2013

Topic: Street Design: The Secret of Great Cities and Towns
Victor Dover, Principal, Dover, Kohl & Partners Town Planning
January 8, 2014

Topic: Where The American Dream is Moving: The Importance of Cities in the 21st Century
Leigh Gallagher, Assistant Man- ager Editor, Fortune Magazine
February 17, 2014

Topic: City Housing for The New Millennium
Todd Zimmerman, Principal, Volk Associates
March 19, 2014

Topic: The High Cost of Free Parking
Donald Shoup, Distinguished Prof. of Urban Planning, UCLA
April 24, 2014

Topic: Density Without High Rises in Cities and Towns
Edward McMahon, Senior Resident Fellow, Urban Land Institute
May 7, 2014